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Saturday, October 17, 2009

My First Post

I've been accused of neglecting my duties as a co-host of this blog. Tonight, I end my long journey in silence because Brooke neglected to include this most important picture in her last post. I present to you nothing less than the biggest two pumpkins ever created. These two bad boys filled an entire shopping cart at Wallyworld today. I practically had to call in air support to get them into the back of the CR-V. I'm pretty sure the stem on each one is close to seven feet in diameter. I am planning a masterpiece on the front of each one: I'll make sure Brooke posts them when they are completed. (Side note: Brooke has NEVER CARVED A JACKOLANTERN!!!! How is that possible?)


  1. Those are some mighty fine punkins ya got there!! Perhaps you could place something next to them for scale so that I can get a better idea of their vastness...and Matt had never carved a jackolantern before we were married, either. What's with these un-festive people? Or maybe those of us growing up in Augusta are just EXTRA festive??

  2. Growing up the only time we decorated was for Christmas. Also, I planned on putting it in the blog, but I couldn't get the picture to move where I wanted it to go! Those of you that work on blogs with pictures you know my pain. I am very excited though that it got Patrick to finally contribute to the blog. I have asked him to write on here many times. Thanks Patrick for joining the blogging world. Today we are going to an apple orchard with friends...I see a blog entry in the making.

  3. Don't feel bad, Brooke. I've never carved a jackolantern either. I don't trust myself with sharp objects.