Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hard Work and It's Rewards

I got home today, and in the mail was my Standard License! When we moved out here I had to take 2 classes to keep Elementary. I finished them in December, sent off all my paper work in March, and received my license today. I was very happy to see this: The next pictures are before shots of the kitchen with ugly wallpaper. I don't have any before pictures of the small hallway from the living room to the kitchen, but it was covered in the purple and white plaid. Special Note take down wallpaper with a wallpaper steamer it goes by so much quicker!!!
After pictures or wallpaper free pictures: I will post when we have these walls painted!
The first 2 pictures are of the small hallway. Turn your head to the side to get a better view of the second picture here.
The next 3 pictures are of the kitchen:

The next step for us the Do It Yourself Box Team is sand down the cabinets/drawers, repaint them, put on new hardware, and then paint the kitchen/hallway walls. The goal is to have all of this finished before June!


  1. Looking great!! Wallpaper removal is a massive undertaking-- I'm impressed!

  2. congrats on the teaching license brooke! i know i was frustrated to have to take another counseling class after moving to sc, but it was worth it. i'm hoping one day they make a national licensure so it doesn't matter where you live.

  3. Looks good....looks like you guys have been working so hard on the house...can't wait to see the cabinets when they are done!