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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Patrick and Friends

3 Trees down! The two covering the house up are now down. We didn't plan on taking them down this soon, but we did plan on them coming down pretty quickly. This winter's ice storm helped our decision to take them down now rather than later. We like that now the house is not covered up. The before shot of the house with the two trees covering up a good portion of the front of the house.

The next pictures are of a tree in the back yard that was rotten, and now it is also down:

Patrick and Michael working out their game plan to take down the tree in freezing weather. By the way we were on a SNOW DAY/BLIZZARD!

The tree partially down after a great deal of work.

...continued from previous picture.

This is how the tree stayed until the weather warmed up!

The tree is now finally down. Thanks Michael and Mr. Grote for your help!!!! Now all the branches from the 3 trees and the ice storm are gone!

The After shots:

See how open the front of the house looks now. We are open to suggestions on what to plant in place of the trees.

The back yard without the tree or tree house! Now all we have to do is get rid of this stump, and we can plant some flowers. Oh did I say we?


  1. Holy Mackerel! Boxs, your house is totally opened up now with those arborvitaes gone!!! What day did you take those two down? Let me know if you need some help cleaning up... but it looks like your place cleaned up nicely!


  2. we have one of those ugly arborvites in front of our house I would love to be gone too...but we haven't had the nerve to cut it down....lol

    I love how much better your house looks without them...good job!