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Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring is in the Air...

...and this is what we have been up to lately:The cake was for our friend Jill's birthday, and it was yummy. That night we had lots of fun playing minute to win it games. I will share as soon as I get the pictures uploaded.
This is my favorite area of the back yard. The small hillside is now in bloom.

The bird feeder has been a hit for the birds! Patrick has already had to refill it once or twice.
More pretty blooms on the hillside in the back yard.

Lots of rhubarb. If you know any good recipes let me know.
My favorite flowers in the yard. They came up right beside the side of the house and driveway.
A spring and summer love Patrick and I both share. Him grilling and we both enjoy the eating!
Patrick working on taking off the paint from the kitchen cabinet doors.


  1. the cake looks like a giant oreo - i'm guessing patrick picked it out.

  2. is that a whole tub of cool whip in the middle? looks delicious! your back yard is beautiful. the flowers are so pretty! :)

  3. Um..yeah, I need a bite of that cake. I mean, a piece. or the whole thing. Your backyard looks great!! It must be so fun discovering what's coming up where! And I've never heard of rhubarbs in anything other than pie...perhaps there's a healthier way to use them? And how did you even know they are rhubarbs??

  4. Yes I agree - the cake looks yummy so I think you should post the recipe!! Love the flowers in your yard - that's one of my favorite parts about spring! So glad you have your blog to keep us updated on you guys! Miss ya!

  5. Chris- He liked the cake but didn't pick it out.
    Katy-Thanks and the middle of the cake does have cool whip but other stuff to check out my new post.
    Erika- Pie and Jelly is all I know uses for rhubarb too. Patrick was told that is what they are.
    Lottie-Love following your blog to miss y'all too.
    Everyone-Thanks for the comments on the yard. All the flowers and such that are coming up are a suprise to us too. All the other yard work is Patrick's baby. The cake is delicious too try it.