Thursday, March 10, 2011

18 Weeks

This book is humorous and informative. I highly recommend it to others out there that are expecting. If you read this please let me know what you think.

Pictures so far...

12 weeks 18 weeks

I pretty much look the same and I am still having to tell people that I am expecting. I know that one day soon I will long for being this size. I am still in my regular clothes. I only have to use the belly band with the grey pants you see on the 12 weeks picture. I have been told that I am already taking up most of the bed. I am at the point that I am supposed to be sleeping on my left side so I have 3 pillows. I position one pillow in front of me, one at my back, and the other for my head. I joke and tell Patrick "just wait I am still little now".

Today at the Doctor's office I found out we will find out if we are having a boy or girl on April 11th if the baby cooperates.


  1. you ARE little, brooke!! how exciting that you might know in 1 month if it's a boy or girl.

  2. You look AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I was huge by 18 weeks!!! :)
    Hope you are feeling well with excited for you two!!!