Thursday, March 17, 2011

What I have been making and things I have been pondering

For a boy's room I would like to do something very similar. I like the stuff on the bed and the little lamp, but for curtains I would like for them to be long to help block out the sun. We have prints of fighter planes from WWII that will go on the wall. I have no idea what color to paint the walls though. I am open to suggestions. I really want the room to be cute no matter if it is a boy or a girl I just want it to be something they can grow with. For a girl I can not choose from anything online. I either want to do something really girly or I would like to do something from the Wizard of Oz. If I go the Wizard of Oz way I would like to do a crib skirt in blue in white checks with touches of red bows (same for curtains), a cute little country quilt (maybe have a picture of ruby red slippers in the center), and have a print or two on the wall from the movie. Any cute cheap ideas for the walls would be much appreciated. Again what color for the walls? With both a boy or girl room I know I would like to put their initials on the wall.
I just couldn't wait until April 11th to start making something for my little one. I decided this little blanket could be for either a boy or girl. This blanket will be mint green and white. Once I find out what we are having I know I will make some gender specific blankets. I also have a goal of knitting a fancy blanket for the baby. I will need help from the local knit shop ladies for that though. I also need to learn to make little baby hats. I just love homemade things they are just so special.


  1. liz did a cute profile of leah in a white frame. i think she traced leah's profile on black cardstock and put it against pretty patterened scrapbook paper for a contrast. i also recently heard of putting a baby picture of the mom and the dad in the baby's nursery, and i thought that was a really cute idea!

  2. Love your knitted blanket! How long have you been knitting for? It looks so cute - and I love the colors! You'll be proud to know that Laura wrapped me into learning knitting too!