Wednesday, March 23, 2011

19 Weeks

Well in two days I will be 20 weeks-so much for being on top of things. Please excuse how horrible I look. This picture was taken after a long day. Instead take a look at the baby bump that is beginning to grow. I have not been taking weekly pictures until this point because not much was changing-I guess Baby Box was ready for more room.

Pregnancy Higlights:

How far along: 19 weeks(in the picture)
Size of Baby: The baby is about the size of a large tomatoe. Roughly 8 1/2 oz. and 6 inches long.

Maternity Clothing: I went shopping this past weekend and everything is short sleeves or sleeveless. I purchased one pair of pants, a skirt, and 3 t-shirts. I still fit in my jeans but with dress pants I must wear the belly ban. Dress clothes have been the hardest.

Gender: WE FIND OUT APRIL 11th!!!! I am so excited.

Movement: I am starting to feel more than just little flutters. This baby is going to be a little mover and shaker I can already tell. I can feel the baby most when I am sitting or laying down, but I do feel little kicks when I am standing too. The baby also seems to enjoy listening to the band play because during the concert Monday night I believe the baby was dancing. Patrick has been able to feel the baby kick about 2 times so far.

Sleep: I enjoy sleeping- I wish I was not up and down so much.

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach or back. I get so paranoid when I wake up to go to the bathroom and I am on my back or stomach. Caffenine- Most days I do not have any but every once in awhile I will have some chocolate or a small soft drink.

Cravings: So far I have not had many cravings but when I want something I want it immediately. I really like orange juice and lemonade.

Symptoms: I am mostly good. I do get really tired at times and I get dizzy sometimes.

Things People Say: I haven't had many comments yet. I'm sure they will start coming soon.

Words of Wisdom: None at this time.

Best Moment this Week: Patrick and I went to Omaha and purchased our nursery furniture this past Saturday. Not baby related we also got to see Rob and Jill and get caught up with them over dinner.


  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing and I love that little baby bump!

  2. The lack of sleep is preparing you for the baby sweet girl. I enjoy your blog! ;-)