Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baby Gifts

My Aunt Allie is very talented. She stitched these bibs for Charles. They are beautiful.
The coming home outfit. He is going to be so precious even though I know I am biased.

Gifts from his Pop and Mama C.

I made this burp cloth for games and events. Our high school team is the Tigers. I took a dish cloth pattern by Amy-lynne Mitchell and just made it long enough for a burp cloth.


  1. cute stuff, brooke! you did a great job on the burp cloth. clemson fans around here would love it!

  2. Love your blog Brooke, and I do apologize for not commenting much, but I really do read every one! I know being a blogger, comments are quite an encouragement! I love your idea of making the dishcloth longer! I think Im going to have to steal that idea however, not with a tiger paw :)

  3. I love the burp cloth! Awesome job! Such cute outfits for little Charles!