Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Update through Pictures

So Blogger has had me frustrated. Sometimes pictures will upload and at other times it simply refuses to upload for me. So some of the pictures are from June 27th up through last night. I hope you enjoy.

Pictures from our fireworks:

We enjoyed July 4th with many friends at the Grote's house. We had fun hanging out with everyone, and the food was excellent! Followed up with some magnificent fireworks from Breda that we could see from the Grote yard.

The basement: Patrick has been working on sealing all external walls down in our basement. First- He had to clean the walls with a solution to get rid of all deposits.

Second- Patch any places that needed it with hydraulic cement. He did a little more than was probably needed but it is better to be cautious now than have a mess in the basement from rain. Third- paint on dry-lock wall sealer (2 coats are needed).A good portion of one wall mostly completed.

These are the first steps in getting this room ready to finish totally. At least now when we go down to the basement for a storm the walls will be sealed and the room is clean/organized. The interior wall now has shelving and now I can find things I need better. I am thankful for a husband who likes projects and works hard. The basement is a project that will be done as we can afford to do the necessary project steps, so little things along the way. I will post progress pictures as they come along.

Me at 34 weeks.

The Iowa Cubs game we went to on June 27th: we left at the end of the 9th and they played until the 15th inning. We were able to catch the end of the game when we got back home around midnight. The CUBS WON!

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