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Saturday, July 30, 2011

One Step Closer....Projects Inside &Outside

We have talked of purchasing blinds for the kitchen for awhile. We finally got them. They are now up. Too bad they were an absolute pain to get up and to remove the extra portion at the bottom. It would be nice for products to have better parts and clearer directions. Sorry to complain but really if you spend money that you work hard for it is a royal pain to end up with a product with poor directions and poor parts/design.
The next step is for window toppers. Suggestions are welcome. We are not sure what color to go with.
This is a picture of the other window in the kitchen. It is over the sink. This is the best picture I could get.
Patrick spent many hours trying to dig up these stumps. He broke down and rented a stump grinder. It ended up being much cheaper to rent and D.I.Y. it than to hire someone.We are now rid of the four stumps we had in our yard. We had 2 guys show up and help out and to check out the big yard toy in action. Thanks Jeff and Mike for your help and time!!!This stump needed to be smaller before grinding it. Thanks again to Jeff and Mike for doing this portion of the task since Patrick had stitches in his hand from broken glass. Our yard is coming along quite well. Patrick has been a very busy man working hard to make our yard a more beautiful place.


  1. Oh man-- we have those same blinds throughout our house and they were SUCH a hassle to put up and then get the right length!! I swear, half of them we just haven't bothered (yet, or possibly ever) to take out the extras at the bottom. Must have been extra hard since you had to climb over your stove to do it!! Ugh!

  2. boys and their toys! chris would have loved to see that thing in action. your yard is looking good! ready for a sweet baby boy to play in one day.