Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

 The family at Lake Superior
 Charles and I

 About to put Charles' feet in the lake
 Photos with Daddy
He got distracted which is really easy for him to do.
We left Saturday morning heading for Mall of America and spent most of the day at the mall. The next morning we drove over to Lake Superior and went into Wisconsin since we were right there, and to be honest so that we could knock it off the list of states we have left to travel to. We had a lot of fun sight seeing and shopping.  We got home at 12:30 am on Labor Day. We slept in until 8:30 and were lazy for the most part on our Labor Day/Day off vacation from work. 

States Charles has been in the first year of his life:
1. Iowa
3.South Carolina
4. North Carolina
5. Tennessee 
7. Missouri
9. Indiana
10. Minnesota
11. Wisconsin
12. Nebraska

States I have left to see:
1. Washington
2. Oregon
3. Montana
4. Idaho
5. Wyoming
6. Utah
7. Arizona
8. New Mexico
9. North Dakota
10. South Dakota
11. Louisiana
12. Michigan
13. Delaware
14. Hawaii
15. Alaska

I don't know which states Patrick has left, but I know he has roughly 15 left also. Our lists are a little different though. So Charles will be going to a few more states as we try to reach our goal of visiting each state. 

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