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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Books to Try

Here are some books I believe you will enjoy trying out. I know I enjoyed them.
Look Again: This book is about adoption. The main character is a newspaper reporter. She meets and falls in love with a baby boy at the hospital she is doing a story on. Go forward about 2 years and a flyer comes in the mail with a projected picture of a missing boy and a reward for any great detail to finding the little boy is worth 1 million dollars. The reporter just can't get the card out of her mind because her little boy looks just like the boy in the flyer. This book will capture you and you will not be able to put it down. Great twists and turns that keeps you hooked.
 The Weight of Silence: A book that will keep you reading just to figure out what happens to the two little girls that go missing. This story has it all- abduction, selective mutism, verbal and physical abuse, and so much more. This book takes place in Iowa.

Ruined: This book takes place in Louisiana. It is filled with mystery and suspense about what happened to a young girl over 100 years ago.  

If you try any of these books or have questions about them please let me know. It tried not to give too many details so that I wouldn't ruin the books for you. 


  1. Hey! I love finding out about good books to read that are outside of my norm ...Christian Fiction , but that are not "dirty"! Thanks for sharing and please send more ideas my way! Do you buy or find at the library?? Please email me at happyhagys@aol.com as I may not get a response