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Friday, August 23, 2013

Spoiled Rotten

Nana and G-pa came to visit us August 7-18. They spoiled us all and especially Charles. He was taken to so many neat things while they were here. You have already seen the Iowa State Fair photos. Now check out the other things we did.

 One day we went to the petting zoo here in town and saw goats, horses, sheep, and eagles. He feed the goats and the horses.
Enjoying playing at the park with G-pa. They had so much fun going down slides, swinging, and on various other pieces of playground equipment.
 Charles loves trains. He plays with his toy train and listens out for the trains that go through our town. They facsinate him, so while at Omaha Zoo we rode the train. He was so excited to get on and to see the train. Once on the train he cuddled up next to G-pa and sat really still. I believe that the loudness of the train scared him a little bit.
His absolute favorite part of the zoo was the aquarium. He would say "Hey Fish, Bye Fish," "Hey Shark, Bye Shark," and "come here, hold you." We went through twice.
 Here he is on his first horse. He didn't seem to want to stay on long.
 He got to ride up front with our friend Todd and G-pa on our horse ride.
 Half way through the ride he decided he wanted to hang out with Daddy, Mommy, and Nana. He went to each of us at least once during this time.
We had a blast!

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