Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 1 Adventures with Flat Stanley

A big hello from Iowa from Flat Stanley.
Flat Stanley went to work with me today. He was top chef in foods class today. We made homemade pizza and cinnamon rolls.

 Flat Stanley will not be leaving Iowa flat with all this yummy goodness.
 We picked Charles up from the babysitter.
 This afternoon we walked into town.
 Flat Stanley loves to help out. Today he went to help paint at our church.
 Can you guess where our next stop was at? If you said the library you would be correct. Flat Stanley loves to learn and read!
 Can you find Flat Stanley?
Flat Stanley ready to check out books to read to Charles this week while he visits.
We have a really big day planned for Flat Stanley tomorrow. Remember to check in to see what all he does through out the week.

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