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Friday, October 5, 2012

Photo Drop

I took these first pictures of Charles in the adorable outfit at Swan Lake on September 16, 2012. So yes I am very behind on sharing them. I had a couple of reasons why: 1. Sickness 2. Waiting until I could mail them out to family members 3. homecoming and work.

 Charles loves to help with clothes. He will pick the items out and hand them to me to fold. While doing this I have to place folded clothes so that he can't reach them or he will help so much that he will unfold items already finished. Case in point see unfolded items behind him. I use this time as a teaching time. Each time he hands me an item I tell him what it is.
These two photos are from an adorable monster shirt I found at Target. Isn't my little monster adorable?!

 Fly me to the moon, take me to the stars. I'm sure that is what he was dreaming of last night as he wore these pajamas for the first time. They are really cool and glow in the dark too. Thanks Mama C and Pop for these warm and fun pajamas.
 This fun classic was sent to Charles to enjoy for Halloween from his Uncle Andrew, Auntie M, Truman, and Sarah Spratlin. We have already read this book at least 2 or 3 times already. I know we will read it a lot more before Halloween, and next year when he is older we will enjoy using the reusable stickers as we read. Thanks so much.

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