Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Things to Accomplish in 2013

Goals not Resolutions for 2013 These are not in any particular order. 1.Read a book for every week of the year. I will be happy with 2 books a month--I am just challenging myself. So far this goal is going very well. We are in week 2 of January and I am about finished with my second book.
Head in the Clouds by Karen Witemeyer was my book for week 1.
A Tailor Made Bride is the book I am reading now. I should easily be finished by Saturday with only 117 pages to go. We will see if I can keep this trend up and read a book for every week. I will really need some great suggestions to keep this up throughout the year. If you haven't tried one of Karen Witemeyer's books you should. I have read everything that has been published so far and can't wait until June 2013 when her new book comes out! 2.Finish the blue cable blanket.
I have 79 rows left to finish and that includes the bind off row. I have all the yarn and supplies I need. 3.Knit something out of my comfort zone. This means something besides blankets, scarfs, and rags. 4.Do something crafty with Charles 5.Play in the snow with the family. 6.Rake leaves into a pile and jump in. 7.Color eggs with Patrick and Charles and take Charles to an Easter egg hunt. 8.Try a new recipe. 9.Go tubing or white water rafting. 10.Donate 10 inches to locks of love. 11.Make or do something on Pinterest. 12.Do a moviethon with Patrick. Watch a set of movies that are sequels complete with popcorn & candy or cookies. 13.Encourage others: prayers, cards, emails, and phone calls.

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