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Thursday, January 17, 2013

True Story

Today in a rush between classes I run to the restroom. Little did I know when I locked the door to the stall what would happen. The lock stuck. I had kids coming in less than 5 minutes to my class. Not a single person came in the bathroom. The janitor was out in the connecting cafeteria/gym cleaning the floor with a loud machine mop. If I yell I still would not be heard. So my only choice was to hang out in the stall until someone came to my rescue or climb out. Well I had students coming so guess what I did. I climbed under the very low student bathroom stall. That is what you call a dedicated teacher! I washed my hands and swiftly ran to class just as my students were arriving. At the moment it was not very funny but now I find it very amusing.

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  1. ahhhh!!! So scary and hilarious!! I hope you threw all those clothes directly in the wash when you got home-- icck!! :) But that's some true dedication to your class!!