Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter. Charles was visited by the Easter bunny. He was so excited to check out his basket this morning. Favorite things were his baseball and bubbles.

 Posing before church this morning. He was happy for part of it then quickly ready to stop the photos.
 After church service. Charles was ready for a nap like he is every Sunday at this time. Getting a picture without his thumb at this point is impossible because he is sleepy.

 After nap time we dyed eggs. This was a first for Charles. If you would like to read about why we dye eggs check out this site. We made six somehow my purple egg is not pictured. Patrick's egg is the stripped one.

 I laid the eggs out for Charles to hunt. Then he went around the yard picking them up calling them ball. He would not place the eggs in his basket but threw them in. By the end he was tired and wanted to just have the eggs brought to him.

We had an awesome day. We are so thankful to be celebrating a RISEN SAVIOR!

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