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Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July

So yesterday was not my typical 4th of July. My tradition growing up was going to the small parade our community had. I always enjoy standing with family and running in to friends from childhood on to present day. Then we would always go home and eat a small lunch and take a nap. When I was younger I did not want to take a nap! I wanted to head straight to my Aunt Inez and Uncle Jack's swimming pool. After our nap we would head to the pool. Then for supper we would grill hamburgers and hot dogs. There was always a ton of food. Later we would have about 5 different types of homemade ice-cream to choose from. Followed by fireworks. Over the years this become one of my favorite traditions.
Yesterday we spent the day at home about 18 hours away from my traditions. I enjoyed spending time with our family of 3. We all decided to take a nap when Charles went down. Then yesterday afternoon we headed over to a friend's house for 4th festivities. We had a lot of fun and ate way too much. Followed by firework fun. We are very blessed to have such a great group of friends to hang out with.
I took my camera with great intentions to take lots of pictures but this is the only one I took.

Be sure to check out the photo book I created of our cruise to the Bahamas. Tomorrow I plan on posting about the 2nd leg of our trip home.

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  1. I almost forgot to grab my camera as well. Happy belated 4th.

    Delighted to meet you. I hope you don't mind if I splash around to get to know you a bit more. This looks like a refreshing place to dip into some goodness.

    I'm also on the hunt for ideas to splatter some joy into our summer. I would love to hear your ideas. Come splash with us!