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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The 1st Leg of our trip

We left our house around 6 pm on June 7, and drove through the night to my parents house in Georgia. It took us 17 hours and 15 minutes! While at my parents we were able to visit with a lot of family. It was a great time.
We stayed in MC until Wednesday, June 12. On June 12 we went to visit with my sister and her family in South Carolina until Thursday night. Friday, Patrick went to get his suit for his brother's wedding and to play golf with him. We went swimming and met them all at the rehearsal dinner. Saturday we had the wedding and I had my hair chopped off. Sunday/Father's day we got to spend roughly half a day with each of our father's. Charles and I made Patrick a cute picture frame for his desk.
 Charles with his sweet little cousins. They had so much fun playing together. We find out if they are having a brother or sister in a couple of weeks!
 Charles wanted to help his daddy play the Wii. He had so much fun and we got a really cute video of him doing everything Patrick did.
 We took Charles swimming twice while at home. Charles seemed to enjoy himself.
 Mama C and Pop with all of their lovely grand-babies.
 A new family pic.
 Our whole crew.
 Pop and his little buddy.
 My sister's beautiful family.
My parents
To come: Wedding Time, 2nd leg, Bahama's Baby

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