Saturday, February 22, 2014

February Books

It has been a busy month of doctor appointments and getting last minute things ready for our upcoming little arrival. Add to that just being exhausted and that means not many books were read this month. Here are two great books to try out:
 Montana Rose: Big surprise it takes place in Montana. The time period of this book is when Montana is just beginning to get settled. A young couple travel out to try their hand at ranching. Something happens to her husband. She is left all alone with nothing to her name. She is forced to marry again on the same day as her late husband's funeral. Without giving away too much check it out and read it for yourself. This is book one in the series.
This book contains 4 short stories or novellas. I am about to be finished with the 3rd story and I have not been disappointed in any of them. The first story is about the youngest brother from Karen Witemeyer's book The Short Straw Bride. The second story is about a teacher that goes blind and has to figure out life without her sight. The third story takes an orphaned girl to a ranch to take care of an elderly lady. I have not started the fourth story yet but I know I will not be disappointed because Mary Connealy is a wonderful author.

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