Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What In the World is Going On

On February 7th I went in for a routine weekly check up for this pregnancy. They drew blood. On Monday I find out that my platelet count is low and that they want me to go to see a specialist on Thursday since I have a scheduled c-section. Scary to say the least. I go to the specialist and he basically does a basic check up on me. Explains what will happen if my counts drop further, and tells me to have more blood drawn on the following Monday (8 days later after the first time). So yesterday I go into the lab and have my blood drawn, and yesterday a little after  5 pm I get a phone call stating my platelet count has dropped further. I am now supposed to take steroids 3 times a day until delivery. They make me a little jittery with a little nervous energy. Just what a pregnant woman needs the last 8 to 9 days before delivery. They strongly believe that my low platelet count is due to pregnancy but are not certain, so 12 weeks after delivery more blood work.

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  1. Oh yikes, Brooke! That's scary!! I hope the steroids help (and don't give you 'roid rage!!).