Monday, September 23, 2013

16 Weeks

How far along am I: 16 weeks
Clothes: Still wearing most regular clothes and a few maternity things. I am at that stage where my regular pants are too tight, but maternity clothes are a little too big as of right now.
Cravings: I am loving sweet stuff right now: cheese cake, cookies, and snickers bars. I also have times when french fries hit the spot.
Loving:  I am excited to know that Meredith is healthy and strong. That I am feeling better and have more energy.
Not Loving: Trying to keep myself on my sides to sleep at night. My hips have been bothering me so side sleeping becomes trying.
Looking Forward To: Many more healthy checks at the doctor. Feeling baby girl have bigger movements.
Anxious About: Keeping up with two busy little ones, raising them the way they should be, and the weight gain that will be in my future.

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