Saturday, September 28, 2013

On My Heart

1. My cousin Brooke Thomas was diagnosed with breast cancer and would appreciate any and all prayers. She is a wonderful woman of God, a wife, mother, daughter, and friend. We are praying that she kicks cancer's butt. She is writing a beautiful blog about her journey. Her posts are very inspiring and show her heart. It would be so very nice if you would stop by and let her know you are praying for her here.

2. Some very dear friends of ours that we have been praying for are getting a precious baby. They have been through the fire of infertility and would love your continued prayer and encouragement. I have been on cloud 9 since hearing their wonderful news. They are going to be fantastic parents. I personally can't wait to see this sweet baby we have been praying for in their loving arms. I have already cried tears of joy for them, and I know when I see them I will have tears streaming down my face. To see their journey and to show them some love visit their blog here.

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