Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Review

We had a great long weekend. Friday night the band performed their halftime show playing Beatles' tunes for the first time this season. Saturday I spent most of the day feeling just plain gross and green while Patrick accomplished packing boxes. We also enjoyed some SEC football. Sunday was a great day. We celebrated Jesus and all he has done for us and the message was about how Jesus is greater than our shame. Sunday evening we went to Jenna's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding for a very precious couple. We wish you many happy years together.

Our Labor Day was filled with hanging out at the house and packing up boxes. We sold our house and will be moving out very soon. Pray for our family as we go through this process of getting packed up and moved. Charles will be in for some changes soon too. When we move into the apartment he is going to be moving into a big boy bed. I hope this is an easy transition since he is really great with his bed time and nap time in the crib.

Last night we celebrated Labor Day with friends and some tasty food. We had beautiful weather after last week being scorching HOT! Last week also made me absolutely ready for Fall. Each year Fall becomes more and more of a favorite season for me. I  just love the weather, the trees changing colors, college football, Halloween costumes and candy, and Thanksgiving and all the delicious no calorie food with Black Friday shopping the next day! Cheers to the arrival of Fall.

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