Monday, September 16, 2013

A Coach Like No Other

I am grieving a very special man. He was an inspiration to me starting back in 6th grade. His name was David Kellar. I will not tell a lie. I was terrified from all the stories of mile runs and the crazy hard 50 true false football test. I came from an elementary were physical education was running like 5 laps around the gym then playing freeze tag, duck-duck-goose, and simple easy games. So when I got my schedule for 6th grade and saw I had Coach Kellar I was beyond scared.  I quickly realized that he expected hard work and lots of effort. I have no idea in what he saw in me. I barely could do a mile under 10 minutes when I started his class, and in three years my mile never got below 8 minutes, but I was in the best shape of my life in middle school.  He choose me to be a huddle leader of all people.  A huddle leader would get equipment together before and after class and to lead stretches and exercises. We also took attendance on the bus ride over to the recreation department.  I got close to this awesome man during my three years in his class:  the first year because of sheer luck and the last two because I went up to him on the first day of school asking him to switch me to his class.  He retired the same year I finished 8th grade, and I will never forget him coming up to me and saying how much he enjoyed having me in class and that he wished me the best.  Over the years I continued to stay in touch with him. He was a major reason why I went into education majoring in middle grades. While in college I was able to interview him and the main thing he reminded me of was to demand respect, be though, and the kids will respect and enjoy being in your classroom.  I can only hope to be such a well-respected and loved teacher. So when I was sending out wedding invitations around 8 years ago he was at the top of my list of who I wanted to invite.  I was so honored to have him at our wedding it made the day so much sweeter. I will now treasure the picture of him, me, and Mrs. Elrod even more. I hope my children have a teacher just like him one day.  I will never forget him and I would like to thank his family for sharing him with all of us. I will think of how healthy he is now running the streets of gold now smiling down on us. May God comfort his family and all that loved him.
If you are trying to find out visitation and funeral arrangements check here. You may also share your stories of Coach Kellar.

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