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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Innovation in History: Impact and Change

History Day displays are the following I tried really hard not to have any student pictures in here, but with all the different students walking around in this area made it extremely hard! These pictures are from our regional competition this week. For history day you could do a display with a process paper, a documentary with a process paper, a big huge paper, a performance with a process paper. You get the point. The topic they had to tie their projects to is: National History Day invites students to research topics related to the theme: Innovation in History: Impact and Change.
High School Displays:
The first two pictures are from 2 of our high school students! They were very creative and did and excellent job! They will be going to State!!! We also have another student from the high school that will be going to State for her documentary on Pablo Picasso.
The following 2 pictures are from other high schools that I liked.
I believe they are also going to State.
The next displays you will see are from our Middle School Students:
The first one you see is on Braille.
The next 2 pictures are also from our students. On the refrigerator. Very cool idea.

The Geneva Convention.
The Camera
The Beatles
I would like to say that we have one performance group from our middle school going to STATE! I am very proud of all of our groups and all of their hard work!
The following pictures are from other middle schools, but I enjoyed seeing them:

The picture above is of a really neat project on each side of the blast it has information.

The picture above is really cool. The display board is built like a huge Lego!
We decided to see the inside of the capitol building since it was just down the street.

The inside of the library at the capitol.
What they were discussing in subcommittees in the Senate.

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