Daisypath - Vacation

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Today's Accomplishments

Today Patrick and I were busy bees cleaning up around the house, putting things together or up on the walls. Check out some of our handy work: This file cabinet/shelf was a must. You should have seen our office before we got this together, we could have been on an HGTV show!
My sister and brother-in-law gave us these prints for Christmas. We decided they should go in our guest bedroom. They match perfectly.
Finally we hung up my diploma. It has been packed up for over two years. Now it is hanging proudly in our office.


  1. i love those prints- the colors are pretty! i really want to get our diplomas framed, but they're so darn expensive.

  2. Nice work, guys!! I really like that cabinet/shelf combo. We have metal filing cabinets in our office, but it would be nice to have something more furniture-ish. Katy, I am not sure if you will read this, but I bought a $20 pre-matted document frame (it's actually pretty cute, I think, and doesn't look cheap at all) from Target to frame mine in. I doubt that anyone who isn't a professional framer would be able to tell the difference!! Just an idea :)

  3. Thanks y'all!
    Katy, I had mine framed for either a birthday or Christmas present from my parents back in 2005. I picked everything out and they paid for it. This or Elizabeth's idea will work.
    Elizabeth, we ordered it from Wal-Mart. Patrick put in many hours Friday night and Saturday morning getting it together.