Thursday, March 18, 2010

Snail Mail Blooper

Before I give into my rant, let me tell you these few things 1.) I love sending cards and receiving cards through the mail, 2.) My Dad delivers mail, and 3.) I am very appreciative of postal workers, especially those that have a walking route, you know they are not only carrying heavy mail but also dealing with the weather (rain, snow, hot, cold the mail most go). I give my thanks to all the postal workers out there that bust their rear ends everyday.
With that being said here is my complaint: My parents have been keeping important documents that I now need. My Dad got the papers together and mailed them to me through registered mail (for those that don't know this is insured mail that Patrick or I must sign for) through the post office in Danielsville, GA on March 8th. They got to Atlanta, GA on March 9th and were setting in Atlanta when my Dad called and checked on them yesterday. That is 8 working days for the post office and no action!!! My Dad and I have lodged a complaint, and they have started an investigation. They are supposed to have my documents in Carroll tomorrow. I can't wait to find out what happened. Thanks for letting me rant!
My mail finally arrived March 22nd! Yahoo

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  1. Love the new picture of you two!!!

    And don't worry about not feeling well....just hope the both of you feel better. Nothing worse then having a yucky tummy!!!